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Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit Wit
Devanity Health Care Services Now accepting:

Veterans/Veterans spouses



Private Pay

Consumer Directed Services(CDS):
  • Personal Care – bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene

  • Toileting – ostomy or catheter hygiene; bowel and/or bladder routine; general toileting activities

  • Health – use of transfer devices/mobility issues/prostheses, passive range of motion, manual assistance with medications, treatments, cleaning and maintenance of equipment

  • Housekeeping – cleaning, dusting, bed linens, laundry, trash

  • Meals – meal preparation and/or assistance with eating, washing dishes

  • Transportation – essential shopping/errands, school or employment

  • Provide companionship and basic emotional or psychological support

In-Home Services (IHS):

  • Personal Care – assistance with activities of daily living;

  • Homemaker – general household activities to assist with housekeeping activities;

  • Chore – short-term, intermittent tasks necessary to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe home environment;

  • Advanced Personal Care – maintenance services to assist with activities of daily living when such assistance requires devices or procedures related to altered body functions;

  • Authorized Nurse Visits – maintenance or preventative services provided by a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse under supervision of RN (must be authorized in conjunction with another service)

  • Respite – provides temporary relief for the caregiver of a dependent adult;

    • Basic – provided to participants with non-skilled needs;

    • Advanced – provided to participants with special care needs requiring a higher level of oversight

    • Nurse – provided to participants with skilled nursing needs.

Respite & Hospice Care

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